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Parish Charity

Every year All Saints' actively supports a different charity - alternately a domestic and overseas organisation - with many in the congregation participating in a wide range of fund raising activities including: sales of produce, sponsored walks, runs and marathons;  pub quizzes and wine tastings. We welcome any suggestions and participation.

Our annual meeting as a Parish this year had to be delayed from its normal April timing to the 30th of October because of the Covid crisis. That meant we couldn’t decide what our Parish Charity for this year would be until then, leaving us with less than half the time we would usually have to give to it, as well as not being able to put on all the social events which raise so much of the money we are usually able to give. We live in strange times.

At the same time, never have people in our local community been so in need. While the Government’s furlough scheme has taken the edge off the poverty that would have resulted, people’s lives have none the less been hugely disrupted, and those whose day-to-day lives are nearer the edge than others of us, have suffered disproportionately.

That makes the decision we took at that meeting to make our Parish Charity from now until Lent particularly appropriate. The Lewisham Foodbank provides immediate, practical help for the vulnerable people and families who are struggling in the teeth of this crisis, making a vital difference to their lives.

Please find attached to this special Newsletter a video message from the Revd. Carol Bostridge, one of the Foodbank’s managers, explaining the work of the Charity, and how it is responding to the crisis. Additional information about the Foodbank is available online.

We can’t do what we would normally do as a Parish community to raise money for our Charity this year, and we haven’t the time we would usually have to give the generous amounts we yearly raise. That makes a deliberate and committed response from us all in the time left, all the more important. Set out below are the Charity’s Bank details. Please consider giving as much money as you can to benefit people who are on the actual bread-line this winter. Please consider making that donation in the form of regular giving.

By doing those things we will be, as a Parish, breaking out of the isolation this virus is imposing upon us, and determinedly acting out the Gospel in our local community.


Yours in Christ Jesus,

Fr. Nicholas        Fr. William

 Bank details    Sort Code: 40-06-34. Account number: 01411616 Our reference: ‘ASB 21’


Past Parish Charities

At the ACPM (the annual AGM of the church), charities are proposed to members of the congregation by those who have a link with or an interest in the work of the particular charities.  This is then voted on and the winner will then be the focus of fundraising activities until Lent the following year.  The proposer of the charity will take the lead in organising and co-ordinating events, which usually are wide-ranging and often great fun. 

Charities which we have supported and in which we take a continuing interest include:

demelza.org.uk; cini.org.uk; hopehiv.org;  sendacowgifts.org.uk; amostrust.org; emmaus.org.uk; christianaid.org.uk; uspg.org.uk; ltdg.org

Also: St Raphael's Hospital, Koroguwe, jetcharity.org, Diocese of Lesotho (no web link) Dimbleby Cancer Care 


Other charity work

While the main focus is the parish charity, there are other charities that are supported during the year, for example, the Robes Project, when the clergy and young people sleep out at Southwark Cathedral, and during Lent, the church supports the Bishop’s projects chosen both here in the Diocese of Southwark and in the link Dioceses in Zimbabwe.